Our Artisanal Milk

Real milk – the way nature intended. 

At St David Dairy, we like keeping things real. Real milk, real local – delivered and crafted fresh every day at our micro dairy in the heart of Fitzroy. We’re passionate about creating artisanal dairy products that have that gorgeous farm-fresh flavour – the way nature intended. 

What Makes Our Milk Different

We believe that truly delicious dairy products come from respecting the natural dairy-making process. Simply put, that means we don’t mess with our milk.

While some dairies process and standardise their milk throughout the year, our milk remains true to the herd who created it.


St David Dairy Artisanal Milk


During the year as their diets adjust, it’s normal for a cow’s milk to change slightly. So, you may notice that from February to September, and from September to February, the flavour of our beautiful milk can vary.

This is all part of the natural farm-to-table process, meaning you can be sure that the milk you’re enjoying hasn’t been overworked and is free from nasty additives.

If you’d like to bring the premium quality and superb flavour of St David Dairy milk to your business, send us an email at enquiries@stdavid.com.au or give us a bell on 03 9415 7732. Or, if you’d like to enjoy our beautiful artisan-crafted milk at home, find your nearest St David Dairy retailer here.

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