Cafés & Restaurants

Unlike a big business dairy, we pride ourselves on delivering our stock with the customer in mind. We handle our premium products with the upmost of care, delivering stock directly into fridges and cold-rooms as per individual customer requests. We also understand that days at cafes can be inconsistent, which is why we have a delivery cut off of less than 24 hours for next day delivery. It’s all part of the service of our local dairy.

Why switch to St David Dairy?

Barista Preferred

Our milk matters, and this is evident amongst baristas. Our coveted St David Dairy milk’s body, taste and texture transforms the regular into the remarkable.




Award Winning

We’re chuffed to have received so many accolades and recognition from our industry peers, however they are really just a symptom of trying to impress our most important critics, our amazing St David Dairy customers.

Service & Smiles

Our dedicated Customer Service team go further to ensure our quality of service matches our award winning dairy, and smiles come as standard, naturally.

Ethical & Sustainable

Smaller supply chains, both in size and proximity, provide the transparency needed to realise our commitment to ethical and environmental welfare.

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