Meet Our Farmers

At St David Dairy, we believe that the best dairy products come from the best milk. There are two things that we truly hold dear in this world; delicious, fresh dairy products, and supporting our local community. So, it stands to reason that every drop of beautiful fresh milk that goes into St David Dairy products comes from our own backyard, just 100kms down the road here in Victoria! 

We are proud to have Rose and Glenn Atherton supply our St David Dairy milk. From Gippsland in Victoria, Rose and her husband Glenn are 3rd generation farmers and have been at their farm in Gippsland since 1983. Together with their 4 teenage children, they have nearly 600 Holstein Friesian cattle roaming happily across 1,212 acres of beautiful, lush farmland.

“It’s a way of life…I just love it! We have the passion, and if you have the passion for whatever you do, you actually don’t work a day in your life.”  

Rose Atherton

The Best Care Provides the Best Milk


To Rose and Glenn, providing the best care for their land, animals and their beautiful milk is what farming is all about. That’s why they keep their farm on a smaller scale, so they can ensure their high standards of care are met at every step. 

This nurturing way of life is wholeheartedly shared by the team at St David Dairy. As Melbourne’s only micro-dairy, we believe through-and-through that our high production, sustainability and quality standards are what makes our dairy products so good – and we intend to keep it that way! 

“We have the same values, it means something to us. The way St David Dairy looks after the milk…you’re treated as a number at the bigger suppliers but at St David Dairy, you ARE their supply. You know where your milk is going” Rose Atherton.


St David Dairy Farmer Rose Atherton


The Perfect Ingredient for Award-Winning Australian Dairy Products


At St David Dairy, we’re proud as punch to work with legends like Rose and Glenn to produce our award-winning range of dairy products. 

Explore our range of Australian dairy products today, or get in touch with us to discuss bringing the flavour of our micro-dairy to your business. Or, find your nearest retailer and enjoy the next-level taste St David Dairy has to offer!

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