At St David Dairy we are taking a fresh approach to dairy products, combining small scale processing with intricate attention to quality. We passionately provide Melbourne with milk sourced amongst the rolling hills of Gippsland, just outside of Melbourne to our factory door. Our Award-winning milk is delivered, processed and packaged right here in Fitzroy. We use equipment up to 20 times smaller than large scale processors, and without any additives or by-products. The same people that pick up the phone, pick up the farm fresh raw milk, process, package and deliver to you.

Our processes and considered local supply chain, mean we offer maximum impact on taste buds with least impact on the environment. We are real dairy people, and want to bring back to life in a conscious way the local dairy that once stood alongside our butchers and bakeries, embedded in the local community of Fitzroy.  


Here at St David Dairy we are fully aware of the impact the Dairy Industry has on the environment, and the large and often unseen impact of the inefficient transport, processing and distribution chains used to create much loved dairy.

Food Miles is part of a broader issue of Sustainability, referring to the distance the food travels from where it is produced to the consumer. In sourcing our milk from farms close to our factory door, we aim to minimise this as much as possible. We transport our milk in bulk to Fitzroy, and 90% of our finished product is delivered within 9km of our factory premises.

Our equipment and processes are minimalist, in a micro-dairy style, eliminating the large amounts of energy put into the process to heat, separate, pump and package the milk. Our packaging and labels are also produced locally in Melbourne. We provide a glass bottle refill service from our shop window also, for those who wish to eliminate plastic use.

We are continuously looking for ways to further reduce our environmental footprint in both product and process.


Bobby Calves are a long-term dairy issue, that for the Industry in general is still in the 'too hard' basket. We think it will take the smaller companies to lead the way, just as it was with Free-Range Eggs and Sow-stall free Pork. Giving consumers a choice turns it then to a Consumer driven solution, which is the best way to make a difference.

We prioritise the sourcing of our milk from ethical farms like Glenn & Rose's, who don’t send calves to market. A combination of investing in Sexed Semen for breeding, with the rest raised for Dairy Bulls or Beef means their animals are all raised with a purpose.


Did you know that in 1920, there were 27 dairies in the suburb of Fitzroy? Sadly, these iconic parts of our local community disappeared, and we believe with it went some of the passion and integrity of our dairy products.

St David Dairy’s home is surrounded by a hub of cafes, farmers markets and people who care about where their food comes from, combined with a strong sense of locality, filled us with a sense of it being the right place. In recent years, socially aware and savvy customers understand that milk isn’t just milk and superior product & service seems to be winning over superior marketing campaigns originating from inner-city high-rises. The recent resurgence of smaller independent milk producers has given some refreshing and exciting choices to support grass root businesses once again.

Here at St David Dairy we live locally, we eat, shop and drink locally, we use local service providers, and source our raw materials as local as possible. Our bottles are produced here in Melbourne, as are our Labels and Milk Crates. Every part of the product has been produced here in Melbourne, with local milk and local employees!

We also feel strongly about giving back to the local community as much as possible. We are Business Sponsors of our Local Community Radio Station PBS 106.7 FM. We also do weekly milk drops to both St Mary's House of Welcome, and St Mark's Fitzroy, who provide meals for locals in need. We also provide the dairy requirements for the Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation helping sick and in-need children and their families here in Melbourne.


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