Here at St David we are fully aware of the impact of the Food and in particular the Dairy Industry on the environment, and the large and often unseen impact of the inefficient transport, processing and distribution chains of our food.

Food Miles is part of a broader issue of Sustainability, referring to the distance the food travels from where it is produced to the consumer. In sourcing our milk just 100kms from the factory door, we aim to minimise this as much as possible. We transport our milk in bulk to Fitzroy, and 90% of our finished product is delivered within 9km of our factory.

Our equipment and process is minimalist, in a micro-dairy style, eliminating the large amounts of energy put into the process to heat, separate, pump and package the milk. Our packaging and labels are also made locally in Melbourne. We provide a glass bottle refill service from our shop window also, for those who wish to eliminate plastic use.

Our electricity provider is Powershop, who is owned by Meridian Energy, a 100 percent renewable energy company.  Powershop is 100 percent carbon neutral, so for all the electricity its customers use on the National Electricity market, it buys an equivalent amount of United Nations recognised carbon certificates to offset those emissions. Powershop also actively supports the Australian Renewable Energy Target (RET).

We are continuously looking for ways to further reduce our environmental footprint in both product and process.



Bobby Calves are a long term dairy issue, that for the Industry in general is still in the 'too hard' basket. We think it will take the smaller companies to lead the way, just as it was with Free-Range Eggs and Sow-stall free Pork. Giving consumers a choice turns it then to a Consumer driven solution, which is the best way to make a difference.

No Bobby calves are sent to market from Glenn & Rose's farm. A combination of investing in Sexed Semen for breeding, with the rest raised for Dairy Bulls or Beef mean they all are raised with a purpose. 

St David has put our money-where-our-mouth-is with a financial commitment to match any purchase of Sexed Semen up to $5000 to the farm each season.